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Dramatic mountains, reflected in a still lochan

– sometimes even better than the real view. It’s one of our Top 10 Things We Love, Glencoe Lochan.

Glencoe Lochan scenic

This is the perfect trek for those who are less able to get to the heights of the Highlands. For those of you not in the know – a lochan is a small loch. So the ‘Glencoe lochan’ is essentially just the ‘wee Glencoe loch’. It’ll take around one and a half hours to get around, and its three miles in length.

It can be walked by anyone of any age or ability and the red trail, the principal trail around the lochan is suitable for wheelchairs too.

Glencoe Lochan shot

The lochan is set in what was once the grounds of the home of the Earl of Strathcona. He returned from Canada with his Canadian wife, and decided to landscape the whole area around the Canadian Rockies, so that she didn’t find herself feeling homesick.

His efforts were in vain as the pair ended up emigrating to Canada, but they left us with some beautiful scenery here in Glencoe. There are three different marked trails throughout the beautiful woodland and they’re open for all to enjoy.

Glencoe Lochan winter

Loads of seats and the occasional picnic table where weary legs can sit and have a rest before taking on the next part of the lochan trails. There are also some pontoons that jut into the loch to get capture those views in a photo or simply to feed the ducks.

It’s a lovely gentle walk with beautiful scenery. Just make sure to remember some change for parking.