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Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary

Fun for all the family, and a bit of learning thrown in too.

It’s one of our Top 10 Things We Love, the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary.

There’s loads of underwater creatures to be gawked at, and information to be learned on a trip to Sea Life. The whole family will learn about protecting marine wildlife, and the little ones will earn themselves a medal if they know their stuff. You’ll also get to see the hard work that the team at the sanctuary to do make sure the sick animals are nursed back to health.

sea life sealYou’ll get the chance to hold starfish, sea urchins and crabs at the interactive pool where one of the team members will be on hand to tell you all about them. All of the animals are well cared for and the staff know absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the sea creatures.

sea life octopusWhen it’s time for the seals to be fed, they’ll perform little tricks to pay their keep. They’re very clever and funny animals to watch, so it makes for a good show. Watch out for those pesky seagulls pinching the seals’ food. The feeding times aren’t just for the entertainment of guests though. Seals need stimulation and rules in their routine, or they can get a little down in the dumps.

seal tricks at sea lifeThey’re also very sociable animals so you might spot them chilling together on the rocks having a good old catch up about all things fish.

The summer months are the peak season so this is the best time to visit, but don’t be put off by a winter visit. You’ll have a much more personal experience with the animals in the sanctuary. Even when there are only a handful of people visiting, the team will still run the public seal and otter feeding times, and share all their knowledge about the animals there.

sea life tanksThere are woodland walks that take you right down to the loch, and there’s a play area with animal carvings for the wee ones.

Your ticket is valid for a week too – so if you want to stop back you can. Make sure to book online as this will definitely save you a few pounds!

It’s an outdoor experience so wear some sturdy shoes and waterproofs if the Scottish weather looks like it might play up.